Thursday, November 22, 2012

Grittjokes: The Fourth One (Thanksgiving Edition)

- Why did the Brazilian turkey perform a musical while wandering around the homestead?

 - He was perusing the premises.


Rate the joke:

1. This is a Thanksgiving miracle.

2. Gobble gobble to you jive turkey joketeller.

3. Listening to this is worse than animal cruelty.

4. Even  Peta chicks decided to shower after hearing this one.


  1. I would put this one at a 5.

    But I did chuckle, a little.

  2. Since you didn't suggest I should torture myself, like in past evaluations, I'll gladly settle for a 5.

  3. The bird was peru/sing the premises. In context: 'peru'=turkey, and 'sing' refers to our Brazilian feathered friend perfoming a musical as he wondered around the homestead (peru/sing the premises).
    Happy Thanksgiving Bee-eigh-bee.