Monday, February 27, 2012

Words to Remember: Montanha-russa

Port: montanha-russa - substantivo, singular, feminino
Eng: roller coaster - noun

Yes, a roller coaster translates to montanha-russa - Russian mountain - in Portuguese (or 'The' Portuguese for article afficionados). This because it turns out that roller coasters were first devised in Russia.

So there you have it: one more useful word for your vocab stash. And yes, you can use the term in the roller coaster of emotions context (for those with pregnant acquaintances).

- Pregnant woman... "Eu estou grávida e sinto uma montanha-russa de emoções."

- You... "Ok, adeus."


  1. HAHAH

    I always thought this word was super weird. Or two words I should say.

  2. I think that, given the name, one should receive a complimentary vodka-infused cocktail before, or after, said ride.