Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Feel Pretty......

You make the call, who plays whom. I think Sandler is Gates and Torturro makes a good Crowley, except in the bar fight scene where the roles reverse. Obama is pure Jack.

Obama Nicholson works his magic

perhaps this is change we can believe in, but the boys need to work on it

Sure enough they can, yes they can.

Pretty funny and pretty serious this whole Crowley-Gates affair.
I personally think Gates was at fault, Obama understood why Gates reacted the way he did and took it from there, if the president did what he did out of oportunism or intelligence is beyond my pay grade. I do think that in the end something good came from it regardless of first intentions.
I know that I will not be alive to see the day when we all laugh at these things, but I do believe it will someday arrive.

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