Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Speaking of Niemeyer and selling the contradiction

This has always bothered me.
Look at the foundation that supports the weight of the bells outside of the cathedral. I am guessing that the structure is sound but it doesn't look sound, at least not to me. The impression I get is that the foundation is not strong enough to support the transverse piece which in turn holds the bells.
So it was decided to paint it white. Well white enforces a sense of lightness to the whole thing, except, err, the bells.
Oh and how about some upkeeping before a complete renovation is needed.I mean wouldn't it be less expensive, if you want to keep it proper, to waterproof the whole thing and then use appropriate protective paint? Also to my knowledge those bells haven't been used for a long time, probably bats living up there by now.
That is the problem with putting people up on a pedestal to a point that it becomes an insult to scrutinize them. You can't question Niemeyer even if you have to pay for the whole thing including the poor guy who has to clean the bat crap.

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