Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Selling the contradiction

I am new to this blogging thing. I am unfamiliar with the protocol. Perhaps I have indulged too far into the world of youtube, of pictures and of songs and my blog so far has been in most part a collection of these. I wouldn't go as far as that famous line from Karma Chameleon ( "I'm a man without conviction, I'm a man who doesn't know how to sell the contradiction...) because I lack Boy George's wisdom , depth and fashion sense plus a few other things, yet I am starting to notice a pattern to the blog which will not be broken today.
A friend once said that most lives are interesting if the beholder has the knack of finding interesting angles to what is happening to him or her. According to this same friend almost everything that happens has an interesting angle to it. Well today I had an unusual chore to do. I swept bat droppings from the floor of a small, decrepit house in the outskirts of Brasilia. A weekend home lets say that needs a lot of refurbishing. I was going to use "upkeep" but did not want to offend the word since it would be like using "a little fixer upper" and "post katrina New Orleans" in the same sentence. Since I was unable to find any angle to this that didn't lead me back to cleaning up a dump I will just remind all you boys and girls that when sweeping bat crap one should always use gloves, a mask and protective clothing. Think golashes, not havaianas.
Now that I have done my good deed for the day it's time to kick back to some Whiskeytown while reading this which is reminding me that better than selling or buying the contradiction is dealing with reality.

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