Monday, June 21, 2010

Yuichi Nishimura wins The Señor Chang Award

The Señor Chang Award goes out to those whose achievements, for one reason or another, go against common expectation. The panel will focus on outstanding World Cup related performances.
The tournament´s first round edition of the SC Award goes to Senõr Yuichi Nishimura.

Yiuchi Nishimura is a ref, in fact the best referee so far in The Fifa World Cup presently held in South Africa.
Being Asian, Japanese to be exact, a nation with feeble tradition in both soccer and officiating World Cup matches, his impecable guidance of two matches earned Yuichi this premio of premios. Nishimura produced the first red card of the tournament sending off Uruguay midfielder Nicolás Lodeiro plus he kept both Spaniards and Hondurans on their best behavior. One could argue that discretion and efficiency set him apart and if merit is the rule of thumb then his arbitration will continue on to the knock out rounds. This seems to be a pretty simple call yet Fifa often gets it wrong. Perhaps with a SC award under his belt Mr. Nishimura avoids getting sidelined. De nada pun loving justice freaks.

On the flip side is French referee Stephane Lannoy, a Champions League veteran , he takes home a YANTCA ("You are not a Tigre Chino Award") for his disasterous performance in this game.
The YANTCA aims to recognize those who due to positive prejudice are expected to do well ( think Swedes in any meatball related event) but in the end fail miserably.

Congratulations gentlemen. Senõr Chang pays hommage to youstedes below.

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